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“When I moved into my new house, I discovered that my furnace uses a filter with unusual dimensions. It used to be really hard to find—before I discovered frankgayairfilters.com. Now, finding the right filter is really simple!”

John Roberts / Orlando, FL

“My kids have some serious allergy problems that ordinary fiberglass filter furnaces did nothing to help. But since I switched to the AFB Platinum filter, which captures allergens as small as one micron, I’m hearing a lot fewer sniffling noses.”

Mary Louis / Lake Mary, FL

“I have been a Frank Gay Services customer for over 4 decades, I remember when Frank ran his very first radio commercials. I have never come acrossed a company with such loyalty to their customers satisfaction. When I saw they provided air filters direct I had to join.”

Janice Michaels / Windermere, FL